A Global Leader in High-Quality Hardware Manufacturing

International Advisory Service, Ltd. (IAS) is a custom hardware manufacturer that caters to the high-end, “Quality-Made,” leather goods and accessory industry. We help brands design, develop and implement custom hardware into their production line. We serve both the large scale global brands as well as the small manufacturers and utilize several manufacturing processes to meet quality expectations. By owning our factory we keep all production in-house, controlling the process from beginning to end, from the design process to full scale production. For over 71 years the top names in the industry have trusted IAS for their hardware needs.

Your Partner From Start to Finish

Hardware Design

Our team at IAS has partnered with companies in the Handbag and Accessory industry for decades providing our customers with a high-level of service for the design and development of custom hardware to fit their production line.

Our Factory

Whether your needs are for in-stock sourcing for buckles, swivel snaps, closures, locks and zippers, or for custom manufacturing and prototyping, we will work with you to customize and integrate a design that works for your product.

Volume Manufacturing

Volume large or small, we can handle it all. We own our manufacturing facility so that we can keep all production in-house. From the design process to full scale production, our customers depend on a high-level of quality in the service and finished product.

Our History & Capabilities

Founded in 1946, IAS is a family owned business dedicated to the development of hardware to the leather goods and accessory trade. It is our mission to provide customers with a level of expertise, service, and quality of product that is unmatched in the industry. Learn more about our history and how our capabilities have evolved over the years.

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Our Process

Here’s a look at our process and how we handle all levels of the development process.


Our first step customers is a consultation to learn more about the hardware needs for the products being developed. With decades of industry experience we are sure to offer input regarding design and construction.

Initial Designs

After our initial consultation we begin developing the initial designs of the hardware. Customers provide us with anything from simple sketches, CAD drawings, or physical samples.

3D Samples

Whether you provide us with physical samples to match, or simple sketches, we use these to develop 3D drawings called STL files. We use these STL files to print plastic samples from our 3D printer in Massachusetts.

Brass & Zinc Samples

After the initial plastic samples are approved we move to brass or zinc sampling. These will be used as the pre-production samples from which the father mold is created.


Once the brass or zinc samples are approved we move to production. Our factory has the capacity to handle both large and small scale production runs.


The hardware is packed and can be delivered anywhere in the world. We also ship ocean containers every 3 weeks from our facility in Asia direct to our Massachusetts warehouse at no cost to you.

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